Photoionization Dynamics – Interactive Tutorials

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A number of interactive tutorials are presented here. The intention is to provide some simple applications which you can control and vary, together with a brief commentary, allowing the user to gain additional understanding and insights into various topics associated with the study of Photoionization Dynamics.

This is very much work in progress and, as time permits, more tutorials will be developed and added here.

Tutorial Index

Light Polarization
Explore the different polarization states of light, ranging from linear to circular. See how controlling ampltude and phase of orthogonal components of the electromagnetic radiation can generate all these different polarization states
Continuum Shape Resonances
Solve the quantum mechanical problem in a model potential above and below the photoionization threshold, and see the difference between continuum and bound wavefunctions. Explore the regions around a shape resonance and see how the phase and local amplitude vary around the resonance energy.

Browser Requirements

These tutorials use Java applets. You will need to have both Java® and Javascript enabled in your browser (check the security settings if you experience problems).

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